Cornelius Joksch

Hi, I'm an Animator and Illustrator and this is where I post my latest sketches and animations. For my full portfolio please visit my website:

A short clip I made using Photoshop and AE. Fall 2014.

It’s autumn.
Sketchbook, July 2014
The new intern (inspired by life).
Sketchbook. biro and digital
Saturday night at the infamous Warschauer Brücke in Berlin.
As I’ve mostly been working on commercial stuff lately, I enjoy drawing and illustrating weird or funny situations that come to my mind whenever I find the time. Hope it’ll keep me in shape.
Gunther I.
Two out of a series of sketches I did at work, trying to depict a creature called Homunculus. This term is used to describe a small human being that is said to live inside our bodies, or, in this case, inside our heads. The Homunculus is said to interpret everything the eye sees and forwards the resulting information to our brain.